Use Watermarking Software to Protect Your Best Photos Online

Watermarking is a technology that allows you to share your images and the recipients know the person behind their production. You can use a text or a line of texts, or you can use a specific image to accompany your photos. This method can protect your images online, especially wedding photos. Reliable providers such as Edge photography can provide more information about some of the software you can use to protect your photos online.


To get started with the process of watermarking your images, various reliable software exist in the market including Zoner Photo Studio Pro 16. For example, when you choose to use Studio Pro 16, there are two ways of doing it and this article will address both sides.

Besides, involving a reliable expert from Edge Photography can help you with photo watermarking ideas. You can contact Edge Photography at

Method 1: You Can Watermark Using Text

  • Select the images you want to watermark on the Manager tab. Proceed to edit and click ‘Text Overlay’. Editing enables you to choose only selected photos that you want to protect.
  • In the space written ‘Text’, type the word or words that you want to accompany your images. To make it easily noticeable while you work on it, check the box nest to the text background. You can uncheck once you finish.
  • If you want to use multiple lines of watermark, you can align the texts using the options provided.
  • Put your text in the place of your choice. You can change the position by removing the box from the middle of the image to a corner below or above it.
  • Fine tune the location of your text, either vertically or horizontally using the options provided.
  • Before you finish, ensure the watermark has a good 3D appearance, which you can enhance by moving the ‘light source’ around it.
  • Finally, click ‘Apply’ and you are done

Method 2: Watermarking Through Images

It is also possible to watermark your images with images. In this style of watermark, images accompany your photos instead of text. Here is how to go about it. See more at Edge Photography

  • Select the image or images for watermarking. You must use images not photographs in this style.
  • Proceed to edit and click ‘Image Overlay’
  • Proceed to ‘Select image’ and identify the image you want to use for watermark
  • Select ‘Use as watermark’
  • Click ‘emboss’ option, to make it look closer to the final watermark.
  • Crop the image to your preferable size. Do click ‘resample’ and raise it or lower it to your preference.
  • Fine tune the image vertically or horizontally using the options provided
  • Share your images

These two methods can give you good results with presentable watermarks. When you have images online that you would like to protect, you may consider the two options. Additionally, the methods let your viewers know the source of the images. Many professional photographers are aware of such methods to protect online photos. For instance, an expert from Illawarra wedding photography can help with more ideas. You may also visit Edge Photography at for more details.

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